Product designed to secure your data

The modern days necessity to interact and collaborate constantly with co workers and partners has made the working environment more complex which also demands sharing of information on a real time basis. In order to meet such modern day demands we designed a product that shares and secures your data while the data reside in your remote computer. Our product would enable you to create a platform in your remote computer where the data has been stored and would facilitate access to that data from anywhere.
Post purchase or post subscription to our products - its our duty to provide assistance to our clients as and when they need. We not only created client oriented products but also designed service systems which would easily be accessible by our corporate as well as individual clients. The service systems would allow our clients to have a direct contact with our executives who would resolve your problems immediately.
The features attached to our cloud platform would not only attract you but also retains you with us for considerably a longer time. Our platform has basic features such as, share, collaborate and sync your data. However, there are few more features which made our cloud a premium product in the market. The video recording feature is one such aspect that we have covered in our platform, much different from the others. It is something unique and aspiring for those who join us and would certainly be beneficial in every way possible.
The premium additions include, creation of desktop apps for various operating systems, free storage space, real time backup, disaster file recovery and many more like that which would enrich and ensure your experiences with our cloud. Join our cloud and cherish the flexible data storage!

The Smarter Way to Save your Data

The product is basically designed to cater the needs of companies who need information on a real time basis. However, the workplace demand creates the thirst for real time information even to individuals. Thus, keeping in view the demands of companies and individuals we designed our products in such a way that it would cater both of their needs through a single platform. Our IPDAVs product is unique and competitive as the platform through which you operate and share information ensures 100% safety and security to your data while aligning your work demands with your consciousness for security.
The add-ons to our products not only allows you to share your information but also enable you to receive the files from any of your contacts. Thus, file sharing between you and your contacts would be much faster and flexible than earlier. The file sharing through us would be much easier compared to email as there are no restrictions on file length. Our product in short will free you from all sorts of data transmission hassles.
The ipdav.coms post purchase services wing unlike many other service providers has adopted a committed and client oriented approach which would extend your experience with us. The file saving and sharing through our clouds are characterized by flexibility and privacy. Not only our products but also the services would definitely amaze you. The safe and secured transmission platforms made us popular already across the people who are internet savvy. The products coupled with premium features made us a brand in the market rather than just being a company.