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intellectual Property & Document Archive Vault (iPDAV) is an online vault that enables individuals and organizations to scan, archive, copy, print and share their Intellectual Property (IP) and vital documents.

iPDAV defines IP as conceptions of ideas, such as Inventions, Literary and Imaginative work, Designs, Symbols, Names and Images used in trade.

Documents include any form of Written, Printed, or Electronic matter that provides information or evidence that may serve as an official record.

Our objective is to provide a means for people regardless of their background or social and economic status a medium to protect their Patents, Copyright and Trademarks. Any person can use our services to protect his/her rights against piracy and copyright infringement by archiving for future use and posterity.

Our mission is to provide people and organizations a means to archive and protect their Patents, Copyright and Trademarks on Demand and for future reference.

iPDAV = Peace of Mind

At ipdav.com, are the protectors and preservers of data and providers of back up facility whenever data loss occurs. Our cloud system would enable you to create your own server for all sorts of information. You can create an archive of audios, videos, documents and files which you would like to save in online servers to have an easy and flexible access. Our cloud system would enable you to create a database, sync and share it through a web interface. This web interface would allow you to access, sync and share data across all devices quickly and easily. Our archivist division would take good care of your documents and prevents any sort of annoyance to our clients.The majority of business houses around world would prefer us because of our high end and flexible data saving systems.

The cloud system developed by us is completely client-oriented and is designed by involving few of our big shot clients. Our web interface would make it easy to save data as soon as you capture them from any of the other mediums. Our systems also enable you to set filters on data sharing and visibility options. These filters would restrict data sharing or display a message whenever you are sharing data which is being mentioned by you as confidential. This feature enhances client’s confidentiality and is also a unique facility of our company’s cloud system. We are committed to our client’s needs and their privacy is our prime motto. Experience the magic of cloud technology through our cloud systems.

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